How I travel and NOT sell all my stuff

Know the story, ‘How I sold everything I own and went backpacking’, or ‘How I quit my corporate job and went travelling’? All very cool and I have a huge amount of respect for those travellers, but this is not for me. How I still travel the world on a regular base? Without giving up my house (and everything else). Here is how I travel:

Get A Job Abroad

Sometimes solutions can be so simple. Travel while working. There are tonnes of jobs you can do abroad. Many bloggers made a list of jobs abroad, but not many of them are real. It sounds easy and they make it sound like everyone can do this. Well, I can tell you it is hard work. The next time you read one of those lists where they say working on a cruise ship is an easy way to travel the world, stop reading. They have no idea!

Coco Dee work your way through travelling

I did work on a cruise ship. If you have bartending, entertainment or engineering skills (see a full list of jobs here), you can certainly apply. But know what you’re up against. There is a strict interview policy and you need to show that you are the right person for the job. It’s not only about fitting the job description but think of being able to live in a tiny cabin, long periods away from home and sometimes days at sea.

Another job I did, was working the winter season and summer season as a bartender. Hospitality is something you can do anywhere. There are websites and FB pages that have these vacancies or you can search for a place you want to go and search on websites of bars/hotels/restaurants. This also applies for jobs as a ski teacher, diving instructor, and leader of organised travel.

How is your English? Think you can handle a teaching job abroad? I am currently doing a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course online. You can do these courses online for less than 200 euros. With this certificate, it will be easier to get a paid teaching job abroad.

Be An Active Student

During university, I went to many places in Europe. During your time as a student, there will be plenty of opportunities to temporarily change universities. Or maybe doing an internship abroad. I went to universities in Poland, France, and Spain and worked with a lot of European students. This is a cool thing to do and I made friends for life. Besides, working with different nationalities means you will learn a lot from their cultures. In basic, you have a local as your guide.

Coco Dee studying abroad

Rent Out Your Place

Renting out your place is the easiest way to save money. I have always had my apartment while being away. I like being away, I also like coming home. Not only can you earn a little extra, but most importantly, you won’t lose money and you won’t have to put your belongings in storage. Or have to sell everything for that matter.

The best way for me is still Airbnb or better yet, finding someone in my network who needs a place.

Coco Dee Save up money for travel

There are different ways to not lose money on your house while you’re exploring another country, try house swapping for example.

Save, Save, Save

Not selling all your properties, means that you will have to save more money to travel. That begins with not buying any more stuff. You do not need another dress. And going out for lunch? Why not make your lunch at home? Stop spending all that money on things you don’t need.

Then second, make a list of what you earn and what you spend. Is there room for any cutbacks? I am sure there is. To travel on a regular base, also means you need to make sacrifices. Only buy what you need. Ignore all the commercials and the “Save now 20%”-marketing stunts. Make a list before you do groceries. It will be difficult at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Third, when you’re not very good at reducing your spendings or want to make an extra effort, then take up another job. Or two. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork have a tonne of online jobs you can do. Think of being a virtual assistant, writer or designer.

Value Your Belongings

How much is everything worth to you? Could you live without? People who travel on a regular base or have to spend a longer period outside their own home, probably already know this. The moment when you return home and you realise that you have lived without all the stuff you left behind. Do you need all this? I can always think of a reason why not to throw or sell. Either, I will use it someday or what if it comes back in fashion?

For example, I have a storage full of boxes filled with my dad’s old sailing books and knittings my granny once made. Huge emotional value, but I am never going to do anything with it. So it sits there quietly in storage. And every time I move, the boxes come with. I love them, but I don’t think they would have minded me giving everything to charity. Or sell it and sponsor my travel funds.

Coco Dee save up money for travel

Another example is the books and movies I once bought. I am not going to read most of those books again. The ones I do read again, I keep. The rest I sell. In case I need the book for whatever reason, I am sure I can borrow it from a friend or the library. Don’t you think? As for movies, hello?? Netflix/Popcorn Time/what the internet has to offer.

Bottom line is, do you need everything you own? Living out of a suitcase while travelling proved you can. Sell what you don’t need and invest in your travels. Besides, you’ll feel much better with a decluttered home.

Stop Dreaming

You will never have enough money. It will never be the perfect timing. It just won’t. So stop dreaming about it. Buy a plane ticket and commit. The rest will follow. It is human nature to survive. And it won’t ever go as you want or expect. Start with buying that ticket, that is by far the biggest step. Then you can’t make up excuses why you shouldn’t go. Stop dreaming and start acting!

Happy travels!

Shall we keep in touch? Let’s inspire each other. I’d like to know more about your adventures!

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