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Coco Dee Wanderlust is a Travel & Adventure Lifestyle blog written to be an inspiration for everyone to chase waterfalls, aka follow your dreams. One day I just decided that I was tired of sitting around and waiting for things to happen. I want to do awesome things and see the world. So I did. Or still do actually.

Coco Dee Wanderlust - Travel & Adventure Lifestyle

Travel & Adventure Lifestyle blog

I realised life is too short to let life pass you by without even noticing. I wanted to make every day of every year count. People thought I was crazy and I needed to think things through. I needed money and travel companions. They wanted me to come up with a plan. I did none of the above. I would get a crazy idea in my head and I would take a leap of faith. It doesn’t really matter if it turned out to be a good or a bad thing. As long as I did it. And I would experience it.

Make every day of every year count!

I still decide my life this way. Every time I have a dream, I make it happen. Without too much thinking, if I have enough money or time, if it is possible or if it is dangerous. I will never have enough money and some things will always be dangerous. Especially for a girl alone, like me. However, that is not going to stop me.

How to live an adventurous Life

Want to see how I live an adventurous life? Take a look at my blog. And let me know when you need help to create your own adventurous lifestyle ;)

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