5 things travellers in their late 20s don’t want to hear

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Lately, I struggle with people asking me and telling me all these things. People tend to have an opinion about everyone. Regardless if I want to hear it, they tell me what they think of my lifestyle. Which is work hard, travel often and do everything I want to do. This is difficult for some because it’s hard to understand how I do all this.

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5 things travellers in their late 20s don’t want to hear

Whether it is jealousy, genuine interest or plain rudeness, I get agitated by some of these questions. Not always, but often. I don’t think I’m obligated to walk the same path as you do. Nor do I think either path is better.

Now I’m not in my early 20’s anymore, I feel like I’m pushed in a direction of how society thinks I should live. I’m not nearly done with my current lifestyle, neither do I want to settle down already.

I’ve compiled a top 5 of things I don’t want to hear. I even think it’s rude to ask me this. And I’m wondering if others are in the same situation. Here we go:

1. When are you going to find a real job?

A real job?!? Whut?

So tell me, what is your definition of a real job? A corporate job? A 9-5 job?

So you think I don’t have a real job now? Strange, because I’m making enough money to travel the world. How is everything going with you?

2. Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?

Because no one can keep up. And I don’t want to.

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3. Are you seriously going alone on a trip??


Did no one want to come with you? – I don’t know I didn’t ask.

Why are you going alone? – Because I’m tired of waiting for someone to join me. Do you want to join? Be my guest. You’re more than welcome. But I won’t sit around and wait for you to finally decide.

This is so difficult for people to comprehend. With genuine surprise and fear on their faces, they ask me this. Yes, I am going alone. No, I won’t get bored. Yes, it is safe. Yes, I will eat alone in a restaurant. No, this won’t be awkward. Yes, I’ll be fine.

4. Hasn’t it been enough? You’re not getting younger.

You did not just say that to me?!

But they did. Here we go: I think I’m still young enough to do whatever. What am I saying? I think you’ll never be too old to do whatever! What if I don’t want a corporate job, a house with a mortgage, get married? How is that your problem? Even people who want the best for me are worried I won’t “have it all”. Or something. But really, don’t worry.

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5. I don’t understand how you can afford all this.

With all this, they mean travel every chance I get. Well, listen up. ‘Cause I’m going to explain this one time. I don’t have a boyfriend, or a kid, where I spent all my money on. I don’t buy expensive things I don’t need. I don’t have a mortgage. I’m a master at saving money. And most important, I work my butt off.

If you still don’t understand, then you’re not meant to understand. Be at peace with it.

Do you recognise any of this? Of do you get other annoying questions? Please let me know! I’m curious about how others experience this. 

Shall we keep in touch? Let’s inspire each other. I’d like to know more about your adventures!




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