6 Useful travel apps for your next adventure

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When I’m abroad I cannot go without a few useful travel apps. In the last years, I’ve had so many of them on my phone. Some turned out to be really cool and useful. Here are 6 of my most useful travel apps:

Polarsteps – Track your journey

Polarsteps Iceland Coco Dee Wanderlust

I think this is one of the best travel apps currently out there. Since 2015, I track my journeys with Polarsteps. The travel app can track your route offline. When you’re back online you can add photos, hotspots, notes and tips. I love looking back at one of my trips around the world, like my last one to Iceland (see below).

Polarsteps Iceland Useful travel apps

You can check out more of my trips at

1SE – Your video diary

This app is amazing and so simple! You shoot a second video every day and at the end, you’ll have this amazing video with all the highlights of your trip. Shann of the video below made one with a second of every day for a year. I am waiting for my next big trip to make this awesome video with 1SE.

Maps.me – Save all the hotspots

Maps.me has proven to be my lifesaver many times now. In this map, you can pin hotspots, restaurants and highlights before going. Once you are at your destination, you can use it offline and it shows your routes with various options like walking or public transport. Google Maps has the same features, but I’m sorry Google, I don’t trust you as much as Maps.me.

Maps.me Amsterdam useful travel apps

Holiday Swap – Swap homes for $1

With Holiday Swap you can swap homes, or just be a guest or a host. You can swap homes for $1 per person per night. Basically nothing, right? Just like I love to scatter the internet for cheap airfares to destination wherever, I like scouting Holiday Swap for interesting places. Sometimes I find an inspiring place at a destination I would think of immediately.

green trees near white 2-story house

Triposo – Carry an AI guidebook

Triposo works with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to provide your travel guidebook. You can download the app for different locations. They cover categories like food, nightlife, sights, attractions and hotels.

Rome2Rio – Choose transportation

Fill out your starting point and your destination, and Rome2Rio will give you all possible ways of transportation. In addition, the app will give you a price estimation and a duration. Click the way of transportation and it will give you a schedule. Rome2Rio is your easiest way from point A to B.

Other useful apps

globe map scroll lot

Other useful apps that will never leave my phone are:

  • Skyscanner
  • Booking.com
  • Agoda
  • and Been

Booking.com and Agoda are basically the same, but Agoda is more used (and has more ratings) in Asia.

The other app I’m fond off is Skyscanner. I love playing around with the features and find cheap deals to wherever. Sometimes I fly for ridiculous low airfares around the world. How? I tell you the secrets in my blog post on finding cheap airfares.

Been map of Coco Dee Wanderlust

Lastly, I am obsessed with the app Been. Here you can tick the countries you have been to. I’ve been to the orange highlighted countries, which is 22% of the world according to Been.

Do you have travel apps, you cannot live without? Let me know and spread the travel happiness!

♥ – Dani

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