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Let’s be real, this blog is called Female Adventure Lifestyle for a reason. I love a good adventure. I also have a thing for extreme sports. Do you know that tickling feeling in your stomach or that rush that makes your head dizzy? That’s what I mean! There are so many cool things to do that my insurance definitely will not cover. But who cares?

Extreme sports Skydiving Hawaï

Extreme Sports: Where is your sense of adventure?

Besides my usual favourites like surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing and such (yes, they are considered to be an extreme sport), I have a list with even more extreme sports. And I really, really want to do those! This is my Extreme Sports Bucketlist, which are even better if I can combine them with one of my travels!

Extreme sports bucket list
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1. BASE Jumping

This is far out the scariest thing I want to try at least once. It looks so awesome and thrilling. I always wanted to fly, though, I still don’t have wings, this is the closest thing. Oh, my dear, I would shot myself, I think. ‘Cause here’s a little secret: I am afraid of heights.

BASE jumping is parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure or cliff. BASE stands for the fixed objects of which you can jump: Building, Antenna, Span (bridges) and Earth (cliffs). This is way more dangerous than skydiving for example because the jumps are made from much lower altitudes. Doesn’t look this awesome?

2. Bungee Jumping

A more common and known extreme sport, but still one for this list. The first chance I get, I’ll make the jump. Once, I was close to jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge. If I only wasn’t forced to change my itinerary, I could have crossed this one off the list.

Extreme sports sand boarding
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3. Sandboarding

I have a goal in life, which is snowboarding on every continent of the world. While researching how to accomplish this, I found out about sandboarding. The same thing, only done mostly in the desert. How cool is it to board in a giant sandpit?

extreme sports whitewater rafting
Photo Credits: Oars

4. Whitewater Rafting

Sharp rocks, steep waterfalls, the risk of falling out of the raft. Making your way through the unstable current. Whitewater rafting seems like a very fun and thrill-seeking sport where you have to navigate the raft through a dangerous river. Unlike all the other sports in these posts, this one you do with a team.

5. Skydiving

This first one I recently got to cross off! And not to brag, the first time I jumped out of a plane was on Hawaï. Now that sounds like a brilliant experience, right? Check out the video of me yelling and swearing here!

The next ones are planned in Prague and above the Dutch islands in the North of the Netherlands. Small tip: The cheapest place in Europe to go skydiving is actually in Prague. Just saying.

Have you done any of these extreme sports? Or maybe different ones? Share your experiences and let me know!

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