Celebrating New Years in Sydney

Celebrating New Years in Syndey Harbour Bridge

Every year I try to be somewhere else in the world for New Years. So far I’ve spent it in the French Alps, London, Amsterdam, and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a ship. This year was a special one. I got to celebrate it at one of the most famous places for NYE: Sydney!

Celebrating New Years in Sydney

New Years Sydney Bridge fireworks

Because of all the smog and fire(works), all the locals yell “there goes the bridge!”

My last trip in 2017 was a road trip along the East Coast of Australia, from Cairns to Sydney. Spending NYE with friends in Sydney was the end game of this trip.

>>> You can check out our full itinerary here <<<

With silly decorations and bottles of Champagne, our group went for the best spot a little for midnight.

New Years Sydney Group 2017

Practical information

Finding accommodation in Sydney during NYE will cost you a fortune. If you can, try to stay with friends or go for other cheap possibilities like Couchsurfing and camping.

The last day of the year is insane when it comes to traffic. Before authorities close off the roads, roads are horrible with people who try to get in and out of the city at the last moment.

At 21:00h, there will be fireworks at the Harbour Bridge, so the kids can enjoy it without staying up late until midnight.

Don’t go into the city without a plan or invitation to something. Unless you like busy, crazy crowds.

Celebrating New Years in Sydney

Do you want to know more about spending New Years in another country? Or do you have a tip on where I should celebrate the next one? Drop a comment below!

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