Hawaï Madness!

Okay, working while travelling puts you sometimes on time pressure. So if you are just for two days on the island O’ahu, Hawaï, you better be good at time management. Especially when you are planning to jump out of a plane one of those two days.

Ready? Set. Jump!

A day before the ship arrives, I called the skydive company to make sure the weather conditions were okay and the four of us could make the jump. That day we changed our schedules so we had 5 hours spare time. We arranged a taxi and drove an hour to the other side of the island. There we waited and waited. As time went by whe got nervous. We had to make it back in time for our shift. We calmed down when they gave us green light to jump. Now we were getting nervous as we were about to jump out of a bloody plane!

FYI We were fifteen minutes late for our shift, our supervisor never noticed ;)

Many thanks to Pacific Skydiving Honolulu for this amazing experience!

Watch the full video HERE!

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