Travel Essentials

There are a few things I cannot do without while travelling. And there are a few things I had to learn along the way. Bare in mind I am a woman, mostly travelling alone, with Murphy’s law always right around the corner. If there is any chance something will happen, it will happen to me! No need to feel sorry, that’s why I learn to hack these things. These travel essentials I always carry with me:

I Definitely Need This

  • The most precious advice I have is solely for the female readers, and believe me, this one is gold. WEAR A WEDDING RING! No kidding. Especially when you travel alone to the more religious countries in the world, marriage is sacred. I don’t know how about you, but I really don’t like obnoxtious men who won’t leave me alone. Some of them can be really persistent. Some of them will see your ring and asume your husband is back home. Good, no further explanation needed. Others try to hook up with you, regardless if you have a boyfriend. If you say you’re married, most of them back off.

  • A sarong of Hammam towel takes no space in your luggage and weights almost nothing. If you want to travel light, you only travel with hand luggage of if you are going backpacking, include this one in your list.

  • A world power cube with multiple entries for plugs and usb. You will be happy if you only have the night to charge your tablet, phone, camera and laptop and you have to share one socket with the rest of your hostel.

  • Earplugs and a sleeping mask is essential for a goodnight of sleep or a nap while traveling. Not everybody is so considerate to others like you and of course nobody snores like they are trying to cut a whole forrest.

  • A survival kit is always on my list! It happend to me more than once that the travel company lost my luggage, or left it at another airport. So I always put a toothbrush, charger, extra socks and underwear in my hand luggage. When I lose my luggage again, I can at least survive for a day.

  • Offline music! To me this is really important! I have enough music with me, without the need of having wifi or internet.

  • I have never needed it before, but I carry some standard medicine with me as well. Not in every country it is easy to go to the doctor or hospital, or can you find a toilet around every corner.

  • Headphone is an absolute must for me! You can use ear buds as well, but a good headphone will keep out other noise (read: screaming kids).

  • I have a copy of my passport and other important documents saved in a cloud. I never had to use it, but that’s my just-in-case-insurrence.

  • Last but not least, my GoPro goes everywhere with me. I cannot do without the small piece of technology.


What are your travel essentials? Tell me by commenting below!


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