The coolest spots to shop in Antwerp

That Antwerp is a true walhalla for fashionistas, is the city’s best-kept secret. Besides London, New York, Milan and Paris, the second largest city of Belgium has countless stylish boutiques, concept stores, and design shops. In addition, Antwerp’s fashion museum is the place to go for us fashion freaks.

For everyone who wants to shop in Antwerp and with a love for pretty fashion, concept stores, cool interiors, and style items.

Personally, I always keep my eyes open to hidden gems, extraordinary items, and cool interiors. The following collection of addresses is a few of my favorite places to shop in Antwerp. Let me know when you find another treasure there!

Fashion District

Yea, they really have an area in this city with this name! It’s not an official name, but trust me when I say, everyone will know where it is. So, let’s start here. The Fashion District is also home to the Antwerp Fashion Museum (MoMu). The museum is settled in the building of Antwerp’s Fashion Nation, together with Flanders Fashion Institute, the Fashion Academy, and the shop/restaurant Renaissance.

Besides MoMu, the fashion street here is the Nationalestraat. This street connects the Historical Centre through the Fashion District to the South. This is the fashion main street of Antwerp. It is a joy to walk through this street and discover every shop here. My personal favorites are:

  • Munt | Nationalestraat 51 | “We only sell items that make you smile”. That’s what they say. And I can do nothing other than agree. What a beautiful shop!
  • Stay | Nationalestraat 49 | Stay calls itself a boutique bar. Why? Because besides selling stylish clothes and accessories, they also serve brunch or lunch and are interior items and jewelry part of the assortment.
  • Clouds of Fashion | Nationalestraat 79 | Clouds of Fashion is a fashion and lifestyle store with a beautiful interior. Walking into the shop makes you want to buy everything! Take a peek in their webshop if you’re curious!

The Kloosterstraat is another street where beautiful shops are hidden. It calls itself the place to go for antiques, but it has so much more than that.

  • Recollection | Kloosterstraat 54 | Recollection has ‘objects of desire’, in the form of fashion, pottery, plants, furniture, you name it. Pretty things, you instantly fall in love with.
  • FiveFridays | Kloosterstraat 181 | A shop with contemporary fashion labels, handcrafted accessories, occasional vintage and interior items.
  • Your | Kloosterstraat 90 | A huge, 2-floor concept store with countless fashion and lifestyle items.

If you happen to walk around the Fashion District, there are a few stores I always pay a visit while wandering around. Also, take your time in the Kammenstraat. This is a cool alternative of the Nationalestraat.

  • Lomography Gallery Store | Kammenstraat 55 | A hobby of mine, shooting pictures with a Lomo-camera. Old school with edgy photographs. Even if you’re not into Lomography, visit the store anyway!
  • Fish & Chips | Huidevettersstraat 57 | The Kammenstraat used to be the home for one of my favorite shops, Fish & Chips. Which is now located in the Huidevetterstraat. Funky store with a DJ spinning beats.
  • Sienna Goodies | Lombardenvest 56 | Feminine, rugged, and romantic fashion is what Sienna Goodies is.
  • Wunderkammer | Steenhouwerstraat 13 | Pretty interior design is what you’ll find here. In addition, they sell cool gifts and other design items in their store.

Historical Centre

I love this part of the city. I just have a thing for old city centres. Besides, my favorite hotel is here, so I have to walk through this part of the city. And it has good restaurants. Such a pain in the ass.

Now, for real, the Historical Centre of Antwerp also a few surprises. Although it is not, in particular, the place for trendy fashion and interior stores, the area has a few up her sleeve.

  • Nur | Reyndersstraat | Nur is a concept store with contemporary goods from over the world to style your interior.
  • Barcelona | Hoogstraat 42 | Barcelona is a shop with accessories, bags, scarfs and so on. A place where women can indulge.

Zuid (The South)

And last, my favorite area of Antwerp when it comes to shopping, Zuid. Or translated the South. This is currently one of the hottest areas of the city. The South is a vivid area with a thriving nightlife, trendy stores, and museums.

  • Steen en Been | Volkstraat 59 | A little peculiar store for those who love what they sell. Which are things like fossils, shells, and minerals. It is actually a very cool place, with lots of nice pieces to revive your interior.
  • Lakstore | Burburestraat 2 | The place for women to get their nails and hand pampered. Or just to buy one of the nail polish. Really difficult to choose if they have every color of the rainbow!
  • Yay | Riemstraat 13 | A beautiful store with party goodies, kids gifts, and other cool things you want to buy.
  • Rewind | Riemstraat 27 | An interior shop with accents of eco design.


Besides nice places to eat, museums, and cool things to do, Antwerp is definitely a great place to shop! Antwerp has the right to call itself the fashion capital of Belgium. Happy shopping everyone!

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